Pensamos Digital(tm)

About Pensamos Digital, Inc.

Pensamos Digital, Inc. was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing exceptional software and services. Pensamos Digital's first product, Magic Mirror Backup(tm), provides a backup solution that is perfect for small businesses due to its superior convenience compared with traditional tape/CD backup and due to its superior affordability compared with traditional managed storage providers. Pensamos Digital's present goals are to progressively improve Magic Mirror Backup and to develop new products and services as ongoing research reveals other exceptional opportunities.

Pensamos Digital, Inc. is located in Boston and has strong ties to the MIT community. The founder and president of Pensamos Digital(tm) is an MIT graduate and Magic Mirror Backup was written entirely by MIT graduates. Pensamos Digital provides access to many highly skilled MIT alumni through its contract software development and consultancy services.

Pensamos Digital, Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation, incorporated in 2005.

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